Your first experience with Functional Medicine may be a little different than your past doctor appointments.

Functional Medicine is about treating the individual patient, so a lot of the time spent in the first visit is getting to know about you, your concerns, your full medical history, your level of activity, the foods you eat, family history, etc. Be sure to bring a list of all medication and supplements you are currently taking or have taken in the recent past.

After that we can talk about some possible treatment options and lab work that may be needed to establish a baseline and further pinpoint any underlying causes for the conditions you may have. While some recommendations may be given during the first visit, we will need to wait for the lab results and your physical exam are completed before making a full diagnosis and creating your customized treament plan.

The first visit generally takes about an hour.

On your second visit - about 4 weeks later, we will perform a physical exam, and review the results of the lab tests, and discuss the conditions you have as well as what may be causing it, as well as what types of treatments, medications, supplementation are needed as well as any lifestyle changes we recommend to help maximize the treatment plan.

The second visit generally takes about an hour.

Depending on your condition and the customized treatment plan, half-hour follow up appointments may be scheduled for 3-4 months following the start of treatment.

If you are receiving BHRT or Testosterone pellet therapies, your next appointment would be scheduled for 4-5 months after your initial pellet insertion. Pellet insertion procedures are generally 30 minutes for women and 60 minutes for men.

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