Non-Healing Wound Care

Non-healing wounds are the worst. They are a superinfection just waiting to happen.

Chronic wounds can be caused by things like diabetes, poor circulation, or in this patient's case, too much tension on an incision.

This large open wound developed on the upper buttocks of this patient when a surgical scar essentially 'pulled apart' in the center before it healed. When this happens, wound care is directed to encourage the wound to heal from the bottom up and the sides in. Unfortunately, after 4 months of standard wound care, this patient's wound was larger – not smaller – than it was following her surgery.

That's when she first presented to us - after 4 months of failed wound healing. She had already had an MRSA infection in the past, making it critical to close this as soon as possible. What were the options? Wound VAC, skin graft, re-excision. For various reasons, none of these options were attractive to this patient, so we attempted to close it without conventional wound care or surgery. We used a stem cell bandage instead!

The stem cells release growth factors that encourage rapid healing. Given the size and location of this wound, we anticipated a healing time of 6 to 8 weeks. These pictures demonstrate the first 5 weeks of progress

Click on images to see them larger.

These incredible results speak for themselves. No medications. No surgery. We did use some peptides (you knew I would) and the topical stem cell membrane. She is absolutely thrilled with the outcome so far.

Look for continued updates as we progress with her treatment.

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