erectile dysfunction

If you could turn back time and restore some part of you to what you had in your youth, what would you change? For some, it would be to erase wrinkles or to not have receding gums, or the aches and pains that come with growing older.

For a lot of men, it would be to get back the sexual vigor they had in their early adulthood. There are always stories of how the wind would blow just right, resulting in the fear of being called to the chalkboard. Others tell of quick recovery time after sex, and being able to ‘go all night long’ — without asking: just because you can, does that mean you should?

So it’s no wonder there are so many pills, creams, injections, tools, exercises and treatments available for men who are looking to try anything that may give back even just a little of what they used to be.

What’s causing this to happen?

The truth is, as men age – and as their lifestyles change – things inside the body are being altered as well. Testosterone levels start to decline gradually from the age of 18, and the stress that comes with a career, rent, car payments, and even dating, all contribute to increases in cortisol, which also has an effect on testosterone production. There is also a decrease in physical activity, and often an increase in alcohol intake or smoking. Having a job where you put in 8-12 hours per day doesn’t leave a lot of time for exercise. And that can also lead to lower levels of the male hormone.

It’s easy to see why the male member, once proud and always at attention, is not quite up to the job as men get older. This becomes magnified when the man also suffers from decreased blood flow, which may be caused by heart conditions, diabetes, illness, vascular problems, or even penile injury. If a man has any of those conditions, there will be a noticeable difference in erection quality. And when there are multiple conditions present, then we are talking about erectile dysfunction, and that can make getting and maintaining an erection difficult, and sometimes nearly impossible.

What can be done for ED?

The ultimate goal when treating ED is to increase blood flow. Many treatments look to do this through pills or injections, or even penile suppositories. Some add compounds like prostaglandin to create localized swelling by generating inflammation. Injections and suppositories take you out of the moment when you are feeling aroused because you have to excuse yourself, get a syringe, pull the correct dosage and then plunge that needle into your penis. Talk about a mood killer! And taking pills for ED requires some planning, and leave you a narrow window of opportunity for sex. And if the opportunity doesn’t come up, that’s about $15 that was lost, in addition to the frustration of not being able to perform this natural act.

The problem with injections and pills is they are temporary solutions and in most cases, very inconvenient. They are the equivalent of putting a bandaid onto cancer. Why is this? Because they don’t get to the core cause of the lowered blood flow which is caused by shrinking or atrophied veins, or damage within the penis.

It's important to have open communication with your partner. Chances are, they are feeling the effects of this as well, and may even be worried that it's their fault, or that you are no longer interested in them.

It’s time for some solid help

Lindgren Functional Medicine offers real hope for men experiencing mild to severe erectile dysfunction. GAINSWave therapy uses painless and non-invasive shockwaves to stimulate dormant or damaged veins and break up fibrous areas caused by Peyronie’s disease. This simple 30-minute treatment has been clinically proven to be successful in 75% of men who were treated. And has been shown to stimulate healing and growth of the veins that were contributing to the loss of blood flow. This stimulation can lead to firmer, longer lasting erections that will have you feeling like your younger self.  There are no side effects - which are common with other treatments, and the benefits can last for up to 2 years. And best of all, there is no need to hit the pause button to do injections. You can just get lost in the moment.

As the first provider of GAINSWave therapy in Wisconsin, Dr. Kristen Lindgren has been successfully helping men overcome their erectile dysfunction and get their confidence back.

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