This is a testimonial you almost need to see to believe. This is the foot of a healthy teenager infected by a very large, very painful plantar wart for more than 7 years. His parents spared no expense in seeking treatment options through the conventional system before presenting to me. When countless rounds of cryotherapy were unsuccessful, he was referred by his pediatrician to a specialist.

He then went on to be treated with the following:

  • topical imiquimod (an anti-tumor agent)
  • injections of bleomycin (a chemotherapeutic agent)
  • injections of candida (yeast) antigen
  • surgical excision
  • another, more aggressive surgical excision requiring postoperative crutches x 2 weeks
  • topical 5-fluorouracil (another chemotherapy drug)

That's a lot for anyone to go through! But you know, there was no improvement. In fact, it worsened and continued to grow and severely affected his life.

When we first saw this patient, his foot was so painful, that he was unable to stand for any prolonged period of time. The pictures below show the progress achieved over 9 weeks using a functional medicine approach.

No drugs. No surgery. No medication.


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